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Motions for 2014 AGM

The following motions have been received for the Annual Meeting:
(names of submitters have been removed for publication to website)

  1. All voting members of the board must be elected at the AGM for them upcoming season.
  2. A Caterer who signs an agreement with East York Curling Club Inc to provide food service to the club and pays rent to operate his business at the club, will be the exclusive caterer and provide all food services to the club. There are three exceptions to this motion.
    - Food provided by a sponsor at no charge
    - pot luck events where food is provided by members at no charge
    - Food that cannot be prepared in the facility. Eg: pizza
    1. The board should arrange directly with the club manager on behalf of all the leagues with regards to time limits for games–both regular season and the playoffs. It is neither productive or fair to our members to have playing times differ across the nights.
    2. The board should institute a system whereby volunteers who contribute a certain a certain number of unpaid hours are rewarded with either a discount on the
      Following years registration or some other financial incentive.
  3. Constitutional/Bylaw Amendments for EYCC:
    1. The President shall be elected from the current Board of Directors
    2. Members of EYCC in good standing who are not able to attend the AGM are able to vote in advance via email and / or an online voting protocol as best out by the Governing Body The member must complete the required documentation in person at least one week prior to the AGM. Electronic votes must be emailed to the secretary or his/her designate 24 hours prior to the AGM start time in order for the vote to be counted.
  4. I have the following 3 motions regarding for changes to the constitution.
    1. Article 3 – Membership (Last paragraph)

      First sentence changed to:
      League memberships and their associated fees shall be set by the Board of Directors prior to each curling season.

      Also, it should be a separate sentence on its own, as it is not closely related to the following section.

      The word classes is confusing and I didn’t know what this meant the first time I read this sentence.
      There is no mention of the word classes in any of our application forms or other places on the EYCC website.

    2. Article 3 – Membership (Last paragraph)
      The section about Honourary Life Members. Should read:

      An Honourary Life Member shall be an individual who has contributed outstanding service to EYCC which is deemed to warrant special recognition. The Board of Directors may recommend a member for an Honourary Life Member to the general membership at the AGM. The members present at the AGM need to approve the appointment by a simple 50% majority. An Honourary Life Member shall receive a free Social Membership. If the Honourary Life Member wishes to participate in a (or several) Leagues, the Social Membership fee shall be discounted from their League Membership fees.

      I support and like our current volunteers, but I don’t think a full yearly membership should be awarded. Can be 600+ per year for multi-leagues.
      Secondly, although nobody has been appointed yet and Board members are responsible, I think a general membership approval is a must to prevent favouritism. I myself am very irresponsible and would get myself and my mixed friends elected to the Board just to appoint myself as an Honourary Life Member. ;)

    3. Article 18 – Amendments to this Constitution

      The last sentence should be amended to:
      Adoption of amendments must have the approval of at least two-thirds of the votes cast by members in good standing present at the AGM.

      Without the change this can be interpreted as the entire membership. We can barely get 1/5 of the membership to attend an AGM meeting. We would not be able to amend the constitution ever if 2/3 of the entire membership would have to vote on an amendment.

  5. “New dishes and cutlery for 120 in the kitchen”
  6. Be it resolved that we remove, from the proposed consitution of the EYCC, the following sentence from Article 8: “The Ontario Curling Association / Toronto Curling Association Representative shall be appointed to the Board of Directors by the incoming Board of Directors.”

Friday Playoffs Curling Times

Hello Curlers,

The schedule for the Friday playoffs will soon be updated.
Curling times will start at 7pm and 9pm (15 minutes earlier) on March 14, April 4 and April 11.
This is due to the teacher’s league being away.
Please check back on the website for the start times before each Friday and make sure you show up on time.
Thank you,


Mixed and Open Playoff Information

Tuesday: 4 games – March 25 to April 15
Friday: 5 games – March 14 to April 11
Sunday: 3 games – March 23, April 6, April 13

Playoff games can be played with just 3 players.
Two team members must be present for the game to count.
All games in the playoffs are win or loss. Therefore all make up games must be played before the next game.

The 15 minute rule is still in effect for playoff games. You may not start another end 1 hour and 45 minutes after the ice is available for you (this is the same rule as regular games). If there is a tie after 8 ends or when the time runs out, a draw to the house will break the tie. See FAQ below.

Sparing Rules:

Sunday Open Leauge:

  • All spares must throw front end. A spare may call the game (but throw front end).

Tuesday and Friday Mixed League:

  • The order of throwing must alternate between male and female players.
  • One spare must throw front end, following the first sparing rule.
  • Two spares of the opposite sex must throw front end, following the first sparing rule.
  • Two spares of the same sex must throw vice and lead rocks.
  • A spare may call the game (but must throw according to the rules above)

Draw tiebreaker FAQ:

Which team throws first? The team that doesn’t have hammer. (ie the last team to score points)

Can any player on the team throw the rock? Yes. Any player may throw the draw.

Do you remove the first stone thrown before the other team throws, or can the second team hit the first stone or use it as backing? Yes, the rock should be measured and removed from the house. The second team may not use the first rock as backing or in any way affect the path of their own rock (ie not hit and roll).

If the first stone is removed before the second is thrown, should teams use the measuring stick on the first stone, or just eyeball it? It is recommended that the rock be measured. It is possible for teams to eyeball the rock but you will need to draw to the button a second time in case the teams can’t agree which rock was closer.

Does a rock need to be in the house to count? Yes the rocks must be in the house to count. If neither rock makes it to the house or they are thrown through, the teams need to draw again.  eg. If I throw a guard, and you hog your rock, do I win? No, a rock must be in the house for the tie to be broken.

If both teams cover the pin, is the winner the one whose rock is better centered on the button, or should teams throw again? Yes, the rocks should be eyeballed and if both teams agree, the more centered will win. If there is no agreement then the draw should be thrown again.

Try Little Rocks Curling – update

UPDATE: “Try Little Rocks Curling” Day (Sun Mar 9/14) Is Now Full!

Due to the overwhelming response, we have to close registrations to our “Try Little Rocks Curling” Day on Sunday, March 9th.

We will keep a waiting list in case anyone drops out.

If you’re interested in signing up for the Little Rocks program next season, please feel free to send me an e-mail at littlerocks @ for more information.

Coach Glenn