Friday Playoffs Curling Times

Hello Curlers,

The schedule for the Friday playoffs will soon be updated.
Curling times will start at 7pm and 9pm (15 minutes earlier) on March 14, April 4 and April 11.
This is due to the teacher’s league being away.
Please check back on the website for the start times before each Friday and make sure you show up on time.
Thank you,


Friday Draw2 to be Delayed

Update November 19:
Welcome to the Barr team! The league is now full and the schedule for Draw 2 has been posted.

Hello Friday Curlers,

We have been contacted by a 3 persons interested in filling the final spot on the Friday league. They still need to confirm with the club if they will apply.  Due to a bye in the current standings, the second draw will be different depending whether these new curlers will join. Therefore the second draw will only be posted on Tuesday.  Please follow the website for the next update.

Thank you,

Bela Szabo

Mixed League President