Hello Parents & Guardians,

Registration for the 2017-18 season at East York Curling Club is now open!

If you wish to register your child or children in our Juniors program, please read the following. (Note: The Juniors curling program is for youth from 11 or 12 years old up to to 21 years old.)


Q. When does registration for Juniors begin? When does it end?

A. Registration for the 2017-18 season started in early April 2017. Registration does not technically end, but unlike previous seasons, we expect our program to fill up this season. Early registrations before June 19th will take priority over registrations after June 19th.

Q. What is the minimum age for Juniors?

A. Your child must be at least 11 years old as of the opening day of the program. If your child is 11 and turns 12 on January 1st or afterwards, you should apply to the Juniors program unless they are a very experienced curler and too advanced for that program. If your child is 11 and turns 12 before January 1st, 2018, you should apply to the Juniors program.

Q. What is the maximum age for Juniors?

A. Curlers may turn 21 years old in their final year of Juniors. If a curler turns 21 before July 1st, 2017, then they have aged out, and can apply to coach and to curl in any of the club’s adult leagues.

Q. Do I have to submit a payment with my application?

A. Yes, in order for your application to be officially considered, there must be a payment attached. You may attach a cheque or cash, give us your credit card information or visit the office to use debit.

Q. How many children do you accept into your Juniors program?

A. We currently accept a maximum of 32 curlers into our Junior House League, though this may increase in the future. There is a good chance that all 32 slots will be filled this year. Because we typically have some curlers away each day, we will also be accepting 6 waitlisted curlers onto our official spare list for a reduced membership fee, and expect that these spares will still be able to curl with us most weeks.


Q. How do I apply for next season (2017-18)?

A. Submit your application with payment to the club office or complete the online form and give the office a payment separately.

Q. Is there “Priority Registration” for returning members?

A. Yes, there is priority registration for returning members. If your child was a member of our youth program last season (2016-17), you have priority over new applicants until June 19th.

Q. Do Little Rocks curlers who are aging up into Juniors also qualify for this priority registration?

A. Yes. Any Little Rocks curlers from East York who are aging up are treated as returning members in our Juniors program.

Q. What happens if I submit an application for a returning member AFTER June 19th?

A. After June 19th, priority registration no longer applies. Your application will be considered with all new applications in the order they were received.

Q. Is the date regarding returning youth curlers different from what appears on the Web site and the regular registration form?

A. Yes, this differs slightly from the general club policy. The general policy is that, to guarantee a spot next season, members have until July 29, 2017, to submit an application and payment. Because of the increasing demand and popularity of our Juniors program, we have decided that two months is enough time to make a decision to return. So returning youth curlers have a deadline of June 19th instead of July 29th. After that date, all applications (including new ones) will be considered equally. In coming years, we’ll move to align that with the May 29th discounted early registration deadline.

Q. My returning youth curler has a brother/sister/friend who is interested in joining Juniors. How do I get them into the program?

A. All friends/relatives of returning Juniors curlers are considered “New Applicants”. See section below for registration details.


Q. My child/children want to join your program for the first time. How do I apply?

A. The first step is to submit your application with payment to the club office or complete the online form and give the office a payment separately.

Q. What happens next?

A. We wait for the early-bird registration period to end. After June 19th, based on the maximum number of curlers we accept and the number who are returning, we will offer any remaining spots to new applicants in the order we received their official applications (which include payment).

Q. When will I be notified if my child has a space in your program or not?

A. In late June 2017, you will receive one of two answers. (1) Your child has been confirmed a spot in our program, and your payment will be processed. Or (2) Your child has NOT been offered a spot, which means you will be on our waiting list. Should additional spots become available, we will contact applicants in the order they appear on the list.

Q. Can I get a refund?

A. If you withdraw from the program at some point before September, we will refund your payment to you and open up the spot to the first person on our waitlist.

Q. My child is interested in joining and so is his/her friend. Can they join together?

A. All curlers apply individually to our Juniors program. We do not register friends together or as permanent teams, like in adult leagues. Each youth would register individually and the rules for returning curlers and new applicants would apply. This year we are planning on pairing “front ends” (leads and seconds) and “back ends” (vices and skips) together for the season. We will make these pairing decisions during the first month of curling, but please let us know any preferences you have!

If you have any questions, please contact our Juniors League representative at juniors@eastyorkcurling.ca

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