Practice and Makeup Ice

Ice Available for Members during the 2016-2017 Season – Practice or Make-Up Games

The times listed are subject to rentals. Ice must be booked through the Office Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm.

Email, or call 416.396.2816.

2 hours for Make-Up Games Which Takes Priority Over Practice Ice.

1 hour Practice Ice – To Be Shared If High Demand – Can be Booked 1 Week In Advance

# of Sheets Time
# of Sheets Time
Call for Availability on Tuesday at 10am 10am to 11am
Call for Availability on Tuesday at 10am 11am to 12pm
# of Sheets Time
3 9:10pm to 10:10pm
3 10:10pm to 11:10pm
# of Sheets Time
Call for Availability on Thursday at 10am 10am to 11am
Call for Availability on Thursday at 10am 11am to 12pm
# of Sheets Time
# of Sheets Time

Snow Policy

Toronto winters can be really ghastly.  In recognition of the fact that we live and play during Canadian winters, the Women’s Section Executive Committee uses the following process whenever bad weather threatens to impact our members’ ability to travel to and from the Curling Club on game night, in a safe and timely manner.

  1. Any decision to cancel a game night is the responsibility of the Women’s Section Executive Committee.

  2. We will do our best to encourage regular play in all kinds of weather, and will consider cancellation only when the weather conditions are severe enough to make travelling ill advised.

  3. The decision to cancel or proceed based on weather will be made before 3:00 PM on game day

  4. It is the President’s responsibility to gather – or assign the gathering of – official weather and road reports to share with Executive Committee members in order to make the most appropriate decision. These include:

    – The Weather Network forecast for amount of snowfall, temperature and wind chill

    – The Ministry of Transportation road reports

    – 680 News Traffic and snow plow reports

    – The EYCC Manager’s information on the status of the parking lot, and access to the Club facilities

    – Any anecdotal evidence

  5. If three or more Executive Committee members determine that we should cancel due to bad weather, then we will cancel.

  6. A cancellation notice will be emailed to all members as soon as possible, and posted on this website.

  7. In the event of a game night cancellation:

    – The start times of the games will proceed the next week as originally scheduled.

    – If we have the time in our schedule, all cancelled games will be played as originally scheduled, on the designated “snow night”

    – If we cannot reschedule the cancelled games in their entirety, then the missed games will all be recorded as a “tie”.

    – If a game night has NOT been cancelled, but you and your team feel that travel is too difficult, it is your option to contact the opposing team to see if they will voluntarily reschedule. If they do not agree, your team will have to default. The Executive will try to help facilitate the rescheduling as much as possible.